Quality Assurance

Exceeding Customer Expectations

With Our Quality Assurance Program


At Axis Rental Solutions our goal is to consistently exceed customer expectations with regard to providing quality equipment that our clients can depend on.

We always want to remain on the cutting edge of both technological and safety advances when it comes to the equipment rental industry and appreciate all customer input regarding practical experiences and ideas.

Our team is dedicated and open to change, just as our industry requires. We challenge our team daily to ensure that our customers receive the best customer service, competitive pricing, and quality equipment!

Quality Assurance Overview


  • Phase I – All equipment goes through a thorough visual inspection strictly outlined for safety and functionality. Particular attention is paid to specially designed safety features for that particular equipment type. Compliance with all necessary regulations are at the forefront of our inspections.
  • Phase II – All equipment will have routine maintenance and any necessary repairs performed by our senior technicians only after Phase I has been successfully completed. All repairs are performed to the highest of standards and well documented.
  • Phase III – Upon successful completion of Phase I and Phase II, each piece of equipment will then go through a comprehensive testing checklist utilizing the latest diagnostic and testing tools available. At Axis, we have the ability to test all electric, hydraulic, and pumping equipment on site.
  • Phase IV – Stage IV consists of a comprehensive review to ensure that all previous phases have been completed in accordance with the Axis Rental Solutions, LLC QC checklists. Phase IV is to be completed by senior management only.
  • Phase V – Upon completion of all other phases, each piece of equipment then goes through cosmetic reviews and repairs. We take pride in the appearance of our equipment and wish to represent both ourselves and our customers with equipment worthy of wearing the Axis Rental Solutions logo.